About Me

Well… Where do you start? I suppose where I currently am…

I’m English and I was born and raised around London, UK. I now live in Portugal with my family, we moved here in 2010 after getting married and wanting to start a brand new chapter in our lives. I am an arranging professional organist/teacher, I have many other ‘creative’ hobbies and interests, for example photography, I try to bring them together and make something unique that satisfies the creative ‘me’.

I have a love for the ‘Theatre Organ’ (much more of that later) and I also enjoy computer and video editing. Over the last 5 years I’ve developed a passion for making short videos of my arrangements. These videos allow me to showcase my arrangements, photographic skills and ‘Theatre Organ’ sounds in one go! So it’s a complete ‘rush’ for me when one of these ‘arrangements’ in progress. They take an awful lot of time from start to finish and are not really cost effective, but I love it and thankfully others do as well.


I started playing the piano aged 7 and I’ve always had a keen love for music from that age (and before). I graduated from piano to organ at the age of 11. At the age of sixteen I won an international competition ran by the ATOS (American Theatre Organ Society). After winning the competition I was invited to play at many societies and events around the UK and in other countries. It really did open many doors for me but at that age I wasn’t ready for the attention!

I went into teaching rather than performance as I really didn’t like the ‘nerve’ issue on stage. After many years now I still teach and my main hobby is arranging for this wonderful instrument. With the inclusion of video work, PC skills and my photography I really have the best of all three worlds.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief glimpse into my world, much more to come from me (I hope) Thanks ;o)