My Video Arrangements

I am primarily an organist and enjoy creating unique arrangements for the organ.

One of my passions is for the Theatre Organ, I believe this wonderful instrument is extremely underestimated and unfortunately does not receive the exposure or sometimes the respect it deserves.

The Theatre Organ is capable of creating some truly beautiful sounds. I currently use an Electronic Yamaha EL90 organ as my base instrument, through this I channel the sounds of a ‘Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ’ (VTPO) and it’s the Yamaha’s sounds and facilities in conjunction with the VTPO that give me the sounds I use.

I painstakingly arrange pieces of music and craft them uniquely for this instrument. I then choose and edit sound combinations to suit the style. After I’ve completed this step, I record myself ‘live’ and then get started creating a ‘Video’ (another passion) that includes my live recorded performance. The whole process is very lengthy and time consuming, yet eventually it all comes together and I publish them here.

I do not charge for these arrangements but many people have said that perhaps I should. I thought it a better idea that those who wish to contribute to an ‘Arrangement Fund’ could do so, this would help me continue to create these ‘Unique Mini Works of Art’ (as somebody once kindly said). Further down this page you’ll find the complete selection of my arrangements uploaded so far which, as I said, are all unique, recorded and performed live by me at my home studio in Portugal.

As I mentioned donating is NOT obligatory, but any support is very welcome and gratefully received.



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I hope you enjoy my arrangement of ‘If I Had A Talking Picture Of You’. I had great fun with the arrangement and the sound in this one and I think the Paramount 450 in conjunction with the EL90 sounds particularly good in this  . If you enjoyed this, why not use the form above to give me some feedback? Thank you.

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Featured in the 1959 Norman Wisdom film ‘Follow A Star’ I hope you enjoy my arrangement of Philip Green’s ‘Give Me A Night In June’ . If so, why not use the form above to give me some feedback? Thank you.

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‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’

From the 1967 musical of the same name, here’s “Thoroughly Modern Millie” written by Jimmy Van Heusen.

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‘On The Atchison Topeka & the Santa Fe’

Written in 1944 by Harry Warren with lyrics by Johnny Mercer, ’On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe’ was the big hit from the MGM musical ‘The Harvey Girls’ staring Judy Garland. I hope you enjoy my arrangement which was recorded live using the Paramount 341 Virtual Theatre Organ supported by my Yamaha EL90

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‘He Loves & She Loves’

This is pure indulgence on my part so please forgive me ;o) The wonderfully lush sounds of the Paramount 450 Virtual Theatre organ married to stunningly beautiful images Audrey Hepburn from my perspective can never fail. I hope you enjoy my arrangement of Gershwin’s marvellous score ‘He Loves and She Loves’, taken from the musical ‘Funny Face’ which starred Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire

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There’s A Rising Moon’

This is my arrangement of ‘There’s a Rising Moon’ which well may be my final release here for now. This piece, taken from the musical ‘Young At Heart’, starred Doris Day and Frank Sinatra. I hope you enjoy, please let me know if so… ;o)

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‘It’s Magic’

This is my arrangement of ‘It’s Magic’. Originally published in 1947 the song was featured in the musical comedy film ‘Romance On The High Seas’ staring Doris Day, which was in fact her first film role.

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‘All The Things You Are’

By request, here is my arrangement of Jerome Kern’s wonderful ballad ‘All The Things You Are’ . I hope you enjoy it.

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‘Bewitched’ (Bothered and Bewildered)

Originally written for the musical ‘Pal Joey’, here’s my arrangement of Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart’s Bewitched (Bothered and Bewildered) arranged, performed and recorded live at my studio in Portugal. I’m using primarily the sounds of the fabulous Paramount 341 Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ and I’m physically accessing those sounds via my Yamaha EL90 Electone. I’ve blended quite a few sounds from the Yamaha for drama, balance and overall effect. I hope you enjoy it! Oh yes, when watching this video it’s best viewed in HD and ‘Full Screen’ mode ;o) .

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‘That’s All’

Written by Bob Haymes, this is my arrangement of his beautiful ballad ‘That’s All’, played here on my Yamaha EL90 in combination with the glorious sounds of the Paramount 450 Virtual Organ. I hope you enjoy my last arrangement for 2017. Next year… who knows?!

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‘Give A Little Whistle’

I hope you enjoy my arrangement of ‘Give A Little Whistle’ from the Walt Disney film ‘Pinocchio’. I’ve used original images (not mine) from the film as they cannot be surpassed and belong to the Walt Disney Company, they conjure up fond memories of the timeless classic.

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June Is Bustin’ Out All Over’

Written in 1945, two years after Rodgers and Hammerstein’s first hit Oklahoma! ‘June Is Bustin’ Out All Over’ is taken from R&H’s Carousel. This is my arrangement of this bright and breezy standard that seems familiar to all. The show opened in 1945 on Broadway and was re-worked in 1956 for the lush big screen production. Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel was based on an unsuccessful Ferenc Molnár play ‘Liliom’ written in 1909. This was originally set in Budapest but when Rodgers and Hammerstein secured the rights it was decided to set Carousel on the New England Coast. Though ‘June’ doesn’t in reality ‘Bust’ out all over in June on the New England Coastline but Hammerstein’s lyrics certainly try… I hope you enjoy!

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‘How Lucky Can You Get? ‘

The 1975 musical film ‘Funny Lady’ the sequel to Barbra Streisand’s critically acclaimed musical ‘Funny Girl’ is where this piece is found and was an Oscar Nomination for ‘Best Original Song’. Written by John Kander & Fred Ebb. I hope you enjoy my arrangement and performance.

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‘On The Street Where You Live ‘

I hope you enjoy my arrangement of ‘On The Street Where You Live’ from ‘My Fair Lady’ – if so give me thumbs up, leave a comment and please look out for my future work. Thank you!

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‘Little One’

This great song by Cole Porter from the wonderful musical ‘High Society’ is often overlooked and that’s a great shame because it is such a sweet thing. I hope my treatment of it doesn’t go against things too much! It just had to be done!! Enjoy ;o) Stephen

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‘Lisboa Antiga’

Written in 1937 by Raul Portela this is my arrangement of ‘Lisboa Anitiga’. It had a big hit in the USA in 1956 with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra. In a program for Portuguese national TV in 1981 Raul Portela was considered one the biggest names of Portuguese light music.

I had great fun making this video using many shots of wonderful Lisbon, which if haven’t already, you really must visit sometime if you have the chance. Ah… Portugal is so beautiful!

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‘Spring Spring Spring’

Here’s ‘Spring Spring Spring’ from the 1954 musical ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ with music by Saul Chaplin and Gene de Paul, and lyrics by Johnny Mercer.

This is my arrangement performed live on my Yamaha EL90 Electone, all unique sound combinations used are stored in ‘registration memory’ buttons and these are then changed with the use of a foot switch as you progress through the piece. The photos used (apart from the original film stills) are ones taken by me from around my home in Portugal.
It’s a great ‘feel good’ number which was huge fun to arrange and perform (if not a bit of nightmare to ‘realise’!)

I hope you enjoy it and please leave a comment if you do ;o)

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‘The Continental’

With reflection on my journey here… here’s my arrangement of ‘The Continental’ with due respect to organist “George Wright’ and to Edith Rawle (ATOS London Chapter) – who will be always fondly remembered. This piece, written by Con Conrad, was featured in the 1934 film “The Gay Divorcee’. I hope you enjoy your return trip on the ‘Orient Express’ with a special dance in ‘Venice’ with ‘Fred & Ginger’ ;o) – Happy days indeed!!

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‘En Liten Stund Med Jesus’

Translated into English “A Few Moments With Jesus” is a wonderful little hymn that I came across a short while ago. By Johan Gustafsson this hymn has such a sweet melody that I just had to play it. I hope you enjoy my arrangement which was performed live on Yamaha EL90 Electone. All the images, taken by myself as photography is another love, are taken from the close area around my home in Portugal, I hope you enjoy ;o) Stephen

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‘Hold Me In Your Arms’

Taken from the film of the same name, ‘Young at Heart’ was not the only song from that film to become a hit for Doris day, but ‘Hold Me in Your Arms’ is an often overlooked musical score, which was composed by Ray Heindorf, Charles Henderson & Don Pippin
This is the first video of me playing the Yamaha EL90 that I uploaded onto youtube, after a documentary about Doris Day spurred me into arranging and playing the lovely music myself.

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Something Good’

Here’s my ‘revised’ arrangement of the wonderful ‘Something Good’ taken from ‘The Sound Of Music’ I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment if you do ;o)

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3 thoughts on “My Video Arrangements

  1. 3rd February 2018

    Name: Charlie McGillivray-Davidson

    Comment: “That’s great fun Stephen and beautifully played.
    I have not heard that piece before. Love the string bass combined with WurliTzer 450! I always thought that
    Hope-Jones would have used that if designing a Unit Orchestra today.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SV reply: Thanks Charlie! I’ve not heard that piece either before ;o) It’s a funny story really because I bought a box set of DVD for my Marido for a present and I thought he said liked ‘Norman Wisdom’ but in fact he said ‘George Formby’! Ha Ha – did we laugh!! Anyway, we enjoyed a couple of films from the set and I stumbled on this song. Great! Thanks for leaving a comment Charlie, I hope the site continues to grow and now that I have found a home for my ‘material’ I can really get things sorted and put ‘out there’ Speak soon. Stephen


  2. The site looks wonderful, and everything works for me when using Google Chrome….. I like your additions on the opening page… keep up the good work…. and I’ll keep Listening… for……”For all we know, we may never meet again” bb


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